Key Card On-Door Units

Messerschmitt offers the widest range of Key Card Systems. MagicEye in roses design is both elegant and hightech. Unique is the online upgrade possibility. Up to a complete room management system connection can be hardwired or on radio basis.

Magic Eye    RFID Transponder    

CLASSIC (RFID)            CLASSIC2        RFID Transponder       

CLASSIC3              RFID-Transponsder

CLASSIC Magnetic Card
The most elegant Key Card SystemWe have the longest lasting experience in RFID systems per hotelsA design alternativeAn other design alternativeOur established reliable "oldie" 
 magic eye classic classic2 classic3 classic magnetic

Special Area, Access Reader




Radio Online

 Features for all needs It's your selection Keys for each demandSecurity for trouble-free operation

The future is wireless coming soon.

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