Products Advantages

From the extensive system for a whole factory up to individual profiles - ABUS/Pfaffenhain meets every customer wish and produces the complete range: problem solutions to all special tasks.

General hints :

1. Keyed alike cylinders can be supplied in all types of systems.
2. For every system a biting chart and a security card will be handed over.
3. All systems, if required also individual cylinders, will be supplied in protected profiles.
4. Spare keys, repairs respectively extensions to existing systems are only made on presentation of the security card respectively the customary imprinter or order slip.
5. Form for systems can be supplied on request.
6. 5 pin cylinder = Article series 3 ...
    6 pin cylinder = Article series 4 ...

Bear in mind later extensions!

System advantages

1. A core diameter of 14 mm makes larger systems possible.
2. Keys and pins made from anodized silver means a reduced tear-and-wear effect and a longer service life.
3. As standard 1st and 3rd pair of pins made from hardened special steel, assure good drill protection.
4. A patented locking technique provides legal protection against copying and means of greater key security.
5. As of key cuts optionally VdS Class B (BS). This means that insurance requirements are met.
6. Keyed systems are compatible up- and downwards, e.g. KV14 and V14. This allows for economical systems.
7. Door cylinders are manufactured according to DIN EN 1303 and DIN 18 252.

This assure latest state-of-the-art security.