Key Card wall-units: PALAZZO

Messerschmitt's Palazzo System comes with its "M-Series" and "A-Series" and the unique advantage of the complete freedom of planners and operators in regards to design and function. The design and the surfaces of the housing/frame are also be free defineable as well as the colour and graphics of the panel and its functions.

The possibility of customizing the PALAZZO electronics with the switch programm of the most famous producers like "JUNG, GIRA, Merten, wandsworth" is truly unique.

M-Series Transponder and Magnet (brass)M-Series Transponder and Magnet (stainless steel) A-Series (RFID) JUNG-Series (RFID) GIRA Series (RFID) 
free choice of design and surfacemassive metal frame for elegance and functionpecious design impresses your guestsintergrated in the JUNG switch programintergrated in the GIRA switch program
 M series transponder and magnet brass M series transponder and magnet ss A series (RFID) Jung series (RFID) GIRA Series (RFID)
 Access controlSurfaces Accessories / Key Cards Door LocksRadio Online Transmission 
multifunctional, improved valueMassive metal frames, free selectable surfacecontrol elements according to your demandsecurity for your trouble free operationThe future is wireless coming soon...
 Access control Surfaces key M series door locks radio online transmission