Minibar Peltier 30
Peltier 30

Our minibar is a product wich based on latest electronic in connection with peltier technic. Peltier elements works
after effect, which devised from french physicist Peltier in the year 1834. Peltier means, that by electrical
contunuity at the contact point from two different, each other itself affecting metals a temperature reduction to
determine was. Flows direct current by the element, the one side of the element cools down.

The advantages over conventional temperature units:

in contrast to conventional refrigerators the Peltier cooling does not possess mobile parts (technic very
normal Minibars are controlled by ”ON” and “OFF” switching, Peltier technic can be regulated very
precisely (the necessary additional energy input when constant switching on bar is void)
no employment of coolant (ammonia gas, how by absorber minibars cannot withdraw)
by the direct transformation of electrical in cooling energy a better utilization of energy is possible
(consumption value of 0,4 to 0,75kWh/Day (depends on litres volume) are attainable)
by intelligent control can kept the interior temperature inside the minibar accurate (no defrosting of ice,
because by large cooling surface the temperature never falls under 0°C, thus no ice), thus also the
additional cooling to escape after each defrosting, but by conventional Minibars is this 1-2 times daily

Technical data

Model marking : MS30 IPE
Capacity: 30 Liter
Weight: 14,4 kg
Voltage: 230V
Colour: silber, RAL9006
Dimensions (wxhxd) in mm: 385 x 513 x 390
Current supply: over current cable with DIN plug-in approx. 1,5m long
Drag furniture hinge: included in delivery
Codes: MS30IPE

Delivery codes with door left: MS30IPE/L
Delivery codes with door right: MS30IPE/R


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