Magnetic System
Magnetic system

Proven magnetic key card technology
World-wide millions of doors

The proven magnetic card technology as well as our high security coding against manipulation of the magnetic card’s data optimizes this proven technology. By compression and multiple coding of data reading errors are almost impossible.

Swipe Card or alternatively Insert Card Readers
can be selected

Free costumer’s choise of preferred card handling.
Unique is our upgrade to the latest Contactfree RIFD 13,56 Mhz ISO Transponder Card Technology.
We give a unique guarantee of upgrading to RIFD Transponder each Messerschmitt System. The upgrading can be performed by hotel staff within a few minutes per door. Easy installation bases on Standard DIN or EURO mortice locks.

Check-in handling for the guest

At the reception, the guest receives his uniquely coded magnetic card, whitch contains date and time codes, as well as departure time. Upon departure the guest returns the magnetic card to the reception. Non- returned cards automatically become invalid upon departure, or upon issuing a new card.
The format of the magnetic card applies to the ISO standard of International Credit Cards and may be printed with the hotel logo or with sponsor advertisement.

System upgrade for energy saving by using our Electronic Thermostates

In combination with our intelligent INCOS Room Thermostate cost savings can be obtained automatically controlling the fan coil for energy consumption of heating, cooling and electricity. This upgrade feature of our system is unique and helps saving within short time cash.

Advantages at a glance / benefits

Easy operation given by advanced readability, creates guest comfort
No cabling neccessary, battery packages for min. 30.000
openings (min.2 years)
400 Event Security Memory in the card reader for date, time, ID of guest / employee storage
Read-Out Memory with Hand Held Terminal
Top Quality of security escutcheons and Handles
Standard: - Stainless Steel

Optional: - Brass polished
- Stainless Steel Polished (Chrome)
- Satin Brass look
- Free choise of our design handles

Hotel -Security lock case (230x20mm round): with
anti-thrust latch protection as security standard
a.) optionally with anti-panic function
b.) optionally with automatic self-locking function
Life-Safe Emergency-Cylinder
High Security prevents from manipulation
Up to 40 Special Areas for internal access control
Easy and quick installation
Extremly fast and easy change of card readers by hotel
staff within few minutes

Please pay attention to our datasheet "Door installation"

Optional system upgrades and features:

Energy Control Box for main switch function
Antri-fume and Fire-rated T30 / T90) with certification
Interface to Front-Office (PMS) System
Special reader for offices, elevators, conference rooms,
staff entrance, parking, access control
• optionally: recodable Master-Key / Cylinder
On-line Reader with Energy Room Management
• Reader with key-board or
RS232 Interface to POS-Cashier
Electronic in-room thermostate with Fan-Coil Control
Dimensions: (WxHxD) 285x66x30 mm
Weight: approx. 2,5 kg incl. Lockcase

 Datasheet Insert Downloads
 pdf Datasheet Brass Downloads
 pdf System Description CLASSIC
 pdf System Description EXECUTIVE
 pdf System Overview On/Offline
 pdf T30 Certificate
 pdf Mounting Instruction Downloads
 pdf Door Preparation Downloads